GLOMON is the system solution for GNSS monitoring and enables the automated evaluation of precise GNSS data.


Fields of application

Monitoring of areas with:

    • active or former mining
    • oil or gas caverns
    • underground outwash with sinkhole formation (e.g. salt domes) 

As an additional measuring technology:

    • on dams
    • on steep slopes and embankments

Reference station network monitoring

How it works

  • Fully automated processing of GNSS data
  • Visualization and analysis of results
  • Detection of significant deformations in the milimeter range
  • Alarming and preservation of evidence in case of limit value violations
Kartendarstellung mit schneller Statusübersicht dank farbiger Stationsmarker.

Auflistung und Protokollierung von Verbindungsaktivitäten und Grenzwertüberschreitungen.​

Datenqualitätsanalyse und Verfügbarkeitsübersicht für Referenzstationsnetze

The most important features


Map display with quick status overview thanks to colored station markers.


Listing and logging of connection activities and limit violations.

Data Analysis

Data quality analysis and availability overview for reference station networks.


Time series representation of three-dimensional station coordinates from post-processing.

Meteo Data

Temperature, relative humidity and air pressure can be displayed as time series.

Data - RINEX Download

Possibility of Rinex data download of all stations in the project.

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